tell me i’m pretty and talk to me about the x files


fox mulder: *points to unknown lifeform* thats an alien

government: no… you don’t undesrtand,… that’s not an alien you are wrong… pleas,e… you cnanot say this fake thign,

fox mulder: lov this alien

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me: is a cool kid 😎😎😎😎

Healthy lunch

Healthy lunch

Looking fine as hell

Looking fine as hell

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there are two girls in the store right now and one of them’s holding the other one around the waist and saying things in French and I’m thinking it’s probably dirty things because my Mum speaks French fluently, is in earshot of them, and just turned bright red

I’m not tired at all, should i watch fringe instead of sleeping?????? Yes

Anonymous said: Hey you. Yes you. You are awesome. And if anyone is a dick to you do not stand for it. Get them called out. You are awesome. You got this.

Thank you!! I’m going to talk to someone as soon as one of them does one thing to me! I’ve got this :)


u better get the fuck outta my face with ur okobogee bullshit