It’s interesting that if it was a GUY saying those things, everyone would be all, “patriarchy! misogyny! rapist! self-entitled typical MAN! how dare you!”

maybe no one’s mad at this because typically when men say stuff like that they say it because they feel entitled to women and they disrespect a woman’s right to say no

and when cute lesbian cheerleaders say it they mean “please stop running from ur sexuality in order for ur parents to approve of u, we both know we’re in love so let’s just be together”



Gillian Anderson filming The Turning (1992) x


Gillian Anderson filming The Turning (1992) x

"When I meet other women who are Mad Men fans, I’m like, I know why we are. Because I really, truly believe that it is the only show, or the main show—that I have seen, anyways—um, that most accurately depicts how sexism is NOW. People always talk about it, like ‘Oh, can you believe it was like that back then?’ I’m like, Any woman who is remotely aware of what is going on right now, knows that it is just as bad now, it’s just that it’s not okay to talk about it. You could never make this show set in present day because people would be like, ‘Ugh, they just bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch’. But like in the ’60s, you can make that and they’re like, ‘Oh yes, mmhmm.’"

Lane Moore on LadyTV Episode 7

"It was just awful back then, wasn’t it, ladies-who-still-make-less-money-than-men-and-get-treated-like-shit-all-the-time?"

-Dana Piccoli

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i lost my glasses today

i cant see how this could have happened

happy easter


i am the human version of the first piece of bread

describe Gillian Anderson (pt. 2)